June Joys

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My week, in logos

Many exciting things happened here recently.  Last Thursday I volunteered to help staff the airport while the Nascar drivers flew in for their race.  Friday I did my first solo flight at JCC.  Saturday I got a perfect score on the aviation test.  I spent Sunday reading the Aeronautical Information Manual.  Monday I performed a rejected takeoff that I was particularly proud of.  Tuesday I basically had a class from 4pm to 11pm.   But right before that I was congratulated on being admitted to EMU for the fall term, so it was all smiles.  🙂

The first copy of my new book, Rob’s Relatives, arrived Wednesday.  It’s about the genealogy of my family, which I had been working on last summer.  I found a couple of weekends to bang out the rest of the book last month, and now it’s ready to show off!  Naturally, I decided a new photo of me with the new book would look great on the website.  That’s when my camera’s sensor went blank and all I could get on the screen was menus and icons.  So it looks like I’ll be camera-less until the holidays (hint, hint).  😉  In the meantime, I’ve ordered several copies of the book to send to family members.

Thursday the new WordPress 3.0 was released.  I had just enough time that evening to do the upgrade for this site and also revise one of my own plugins.  My code contributions to version 3.0 included the new plugin output corruption detection (a technique I deployed very successfully with user-editable files in XMB), a major overhaul of the user list logic to make it consume orders of magnitude less memory, vastly improved slug generation and EXIF handling for image uploads, and increased security in character entity validation.

Possibly less exciting, but of interest to me, is the fact that Google Images hasn’t worked on my website since last year.  I’ve tinkered with this behind the scenes for months to no avail.  All I get is “Your search – site:www.miqrogroove.com – did not match any documents.”  I can only conclude that Google doesn’t work as well as it used to.  I’ve considered writing my own site search engine to merge results from WordPress, XMB, and static content, but I simply can’t justify the investment of time that would require.  I’ve also considered blocking Google so that it wont continue to consume server resources and represent my website so poorly, but it hasn’t come to that yet.

Next up: Jury duty!  It hasn’t started yet, but I’m looking forward to the experience.

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