Do-It-Yourself Work Bench

Work Bench Side Diagram
Side View Diagram

For the novice carpenter, grabbing supplies from a helpful home improvement store is one thing.  Attempting to build a functional piece of furniture, from scratch, using just spare parts and the most basic tools, is another story altogether.  There is no manual for this, no instruction sheet, no alphabetized parts list.  The how-to articles I was able to find on the Internet helped about as much as one of those cooking shows on TV where the chef uses ingredients I’ve never even heard of.

My recent experience tackling one such tutorial, while successful, might have looked like I was performing a slapstick parody of This Old House to an impartial observer.  I learned a few tricks along the way, including some techniques that really should be considered by tutorial makers everywhere.

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June Joys

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My week, in logos

Many exciting things happened here recently.  Last Thursday I volunteered to help staff the airport while the Nascar drivers flew in for their race.  Friday I did my first solo flight at JCC.  Saturday I got a perfect score on the aviation test.  I spent Sunday reading the Aeronautical Information Manual.  Monday I performed a rejected takeoff that I was particularly proud of.  Tuesday I basically had a class from 4pm to 11pm.   But right before that I was congratulated on being admitted to EMU for the fall term, so it was all smiles.  🙂

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