This will be the new distribution point for my software; especially freeware.

WordPress Plugins

The following files are WordPress Plugins that I wrote and released as freeware.  They are available for use on any WordPress installation.


The following plugins are not currently maintained.

  • Content Rating v1.1.02
    • Lets you rate and label your posts to enable parental control.
    • Includes seven different rating system modules.
  • Google Safe Search v1.0
    • Creates a separate uploads directory for images Google considers “unsafe.”
  • HiDPI Gravatars v1.5
    • Enables HiDPI (Retina) display of Gravatar images in blog comments and admin screens.
  • Simple Short Links v1.6.1
    • Adds links to the hidden post ID numbers for the sake of URL shortening.
  • Technorati Full Feeds v1.6
    • Allows Technorati to always see the Full Text version of your blog feed.

Flight Simulation

  • LearJet 45 (LJ45) v1.6
    • Improved instrument panel for Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) 2004.
    • As seen in PC Pilot magazine issue 58.
    • Based on 400 hours simulation experience, photographs, and the real Pilot’s Manual.
    • This version was released 1 January 2008.

Daytime, on ground, engines off

Night time, final approach, 24 kt crosswind

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