Using References to Improve Performance in PHP

A research paper from May 20, 2011.

Finding Your Ancestors in Michigan

A PowerPoint show from the speech I gave at college on March 7, 2011.


The home page for my public information about genealogy research.  Since most of this research is considered private, I needed to create a separate page for networking and collaboration.

The Grand Rapids News, January 18, 1918

A digital archive of the 90-year-old newspaper that I found buried under my house.  Re-published March 31, 2008.

Why Do Some People Experience Isolated Sleep Paralysis?

A college research paper from December 10, 1999.

History of DVD

A college research paper from September 24, 1999.

Harry Houdini

A high school book report from November 26, 1997.

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  1. Cool… my ancestors names came up (Harold and Philip Cornelius) in the old Grand Rapids article. Thanks for posting!

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