Autowiring of Non-Shared Services

With the Symfony framework, most objects are supposed to live in the Service Container. This facilitates an “autowire” of all the class constructors, plus a great deal of magic from the debug tools.

Most objects are supposed to be “shared” as well. This is Symfony’s substitute for the singleton pattern. It helps prevent duplication of “services”. However, services don’t always fit this pattern.

One of the Symfony configuration tutorials divides object classes into only two types. In that limited example, objects would have to be “services that do work” or “models that hold data”. Again, services don’t always fit into this pattern.

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Smart Host Config for Haraka v3.0

This is the 4th post in a series about setting up an outbound SMTP server with DKIM signing and smart host forwarding. Here you will learn how to configure an existing Haraka server to forward all outgoing mail to another SMTP server. In this update, I will explain a simplified built-in method that is available thanks to bug fixes published after I wrote the old post for v2.8.

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