Galileo Offline Maps

Galileo Offline Maps logo screen shot
It’s free on iOS devices.

Galileo is my favorite GPS moving map for driving unfamiliar roads.  It’s installed on my iPad, which is much easier to carry and charge in the car than a laptop GPS system.

Here are a few pros and cons to this application, as well as a comparison to ForeFlight and Apple Maps.  Why these three choices?  Among the many mapping applications I’ve looked at and tried out, these are the only three  I still have on my iPad.


  • Quick start up.
  • Fast and smooth panning and zooming.
  • Intuitive map caching.
  • Try before you buy.  All except a few features work in the free version.
  • Uses the best maps, and you can edit them if they need changes.

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White Templates for GoodNotes

Screen shot of the template import screen in GoodNotes.
Template Import

I’m playing with a note taking application for iPad called GoodNotes. It has a lot of potential to help replace notebooks for homework. It requires some customization because the default templates have a beige background. Beige is easier to look at on a bright computer screen, but it is impractical when printing. The built-in solution seems to be to export “notes only”. However, I have mixed feelings about printing handwritten notes from lined paper that has no lines.

Here are my customized templates, based on the built-in options, with the background color removed for better printing.

iPad-Size Templates

Portrait Landscape
PDFRuled (lined paper) PDFLandscape Ruled
PDFSquared (graph paper) PDFLandscape Squared
PDFMusic (staff paper) PDFLandscape Music
PDFBlank PDFLandscape Blank
PDFWide Ruled PDFManuscript Ruled
PDFDouble Ruled

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Weezer 8-Bit Album Cover
8-bit Album Cover

Weezer – Buddy Holly (nordloef Cover)

Before there was Weezer, there was Weeze, and before that, Elisha Cuthbert had an NES console.  At least, that’s how I’d start the music video for “The 8-bit Album.”

But don’t get your hopes up. This isn’t a Weezer album.  Well, it is, sort of.  It’s more like a this-is-what-Weezer-would-have-sounded-like-on-a-25-year-old-arcade-game album.  It’s experimental.  It’s childish.  It’s adding a happy hardcore remix to two genres that are already too far juxtaposed.

This was my 2nd-favorite track.  You’d never know from listening to it that it was released in 2009.  I was planning to upload the Bit Shifter cover last month instead, but I just didn’t like the choice of (original) lyrics in that one.  8-Bit is Creative Commons licensed.